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"2022 Social Responsibility Report" Abstract
 Apr 17, 2023|View:490

Don't forget your original intention, take responsibility bravely, and build a beautiful society together! ——Lingtong Exhibition System Co., Ltd. "2022 Social Responsibility Report" Abstract

Foreword: In April 2023, Lingtong Exhibition System Co., Ltd. released the "2022 Social Responsibility Report". This report is the 13th corporate social responsibility report released by Lingtong Exhibition in 2010. This report follows the principles of objective, standardized, transparent, and comprehensive, and disclose the company's work in corporate social responsibility in the aspects of "corporate governance, customer service, quality management, environmental protection, supplier cooperation, employee care, and social feedback". The Lingtong Exhibition aims to further strengthen the social responsibility report to further strengthen external communication with the outside world, obtain the recognition of the relevant parties, realize the company's sustainable development, and strive for outstanding corporate citizens.

2022 Lingtong Mastess:

In January 2022, Hang Yong, Secretary -General of the Changzhou Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, visited Lingtong to visit and investigate;

In January 2022, Xu Yibing, head of the lecturer group of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, visited the "ingenuity theoretical corner" and party lesson learning;

In January 2022, the Lingtong Exhibition 2021 Commendation Conference and the 2022 Spring Festival Sales Conference achieved a complete success;

In March 2022, the Lingtong Environmental Protection Exhibition helped Hohhot's square cabin hospital to lighten the anti -influence and warm spring;

In April 2022, Lingtong went to help the rapid construction of the epidemic prevention square cabin in Shanghai;

In July 2022, Chen Zhiliang, member of the Standing Committee of the Changzhou Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department, visited Lingtong to visit and investigate;

In July 2022, Lingtong helped the 4th Xiliang Association to be successfully held;

In July 2022, Lingtong helped the Green Office and Low Carbon Office of the Second Expo;

In August 2022, the cooperation and exchanges of Jiangsu Provincial Municipal Convention and Exhibition Institutions were successfully held at the Lingtong Base;

In September 2022, Lingtong helped 2022 Changzhou Economic Development Digital Gaming Summit was successfully held;

In September 2022, Lingtong was established in 2022 national service industry standardization pilot project;

In November 2022, the 10th General Assembly of the China Exhibition Hall Association was successfully held. Huang Biao, president of Lingtong Exhibition, was elected as the rotating chairman of the Tenth Director Association;

2022 Lingtong Honor:

Top 30 private cultural enterprises in Jiangsu Province

Standardization pilot project establishment projects of the national service industry

Jiangsu Province Advertising Talent Training Practice Pilot Unit

Changzhou key conference and exhibition enterprise

Special contribution award for anti -epidemic

2022 The social responsibility of Lingtong's performance:

In 2022, Lingtong Exhibition, as always, strictly adheres to the concept of social value and moral norms, gives back to the society as the social responsibility of the business development of the enterprise, and practice the business model of sustainable development worldwide worldwide. , Shareholders, employees, environment and social commitments.

Innovate product research and development, comprehensively help resistance

New crown epidemic outbreaks, the global convention and exhibition industry has encountered a cold winter, and its spiritual flow is reversed. Innovative research and development, using the characteristics of environmental protection and pollution of the product itself, and easy to disassemble, actively extend business in the field of epidemic prevention. A series of epidemic prevention protection products. Lingtong actively participated in the Shanghai epidemic prevention and control sniper warfare, and the square cabin partition products developed by Lingtong were invested in the construction of the Shanghai cabin isolation point in large quantities. In addition, in more than 20 regions such as Jilin, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Hainan, Inner Mongolia, and Changzhou, Lingtong provided a total of more than 97,000 green environmental protection and recyclable square cabins.

Spread the concept of green development and practice low -carbon environmental protection

Lingtong adheres to the implementation of the national "double carbon" goal strategy, is committed to achieving the convention and exhibition industry carbon neutrality, and through continuous innovation, it plays a positive role in achieving green exhibitions, promotes my country's green development to a new level, and helps the cultural industry "dual -double Realization of carbon targets. Lingtong has always adhered to the service of the Expo, the Fair, the Canton Fair, the Western Conference, the West Fair, and the Clean Expo. With green creative design and high -quality services, it was highly appreciated by the exhibitors and customer units. At present, Lingtong has formed a systematic R & D platform with the "One Court, Two Station, Three Center" with the core of "Green Exhibition", with a total of 335 patents, of which 21 invention patents, 8 international PCT patents, and formulated the country through the country, and the country has been formulated by the country. Seven national and industry standards approved by the Technical Supervision Bureau.

Continue high -quality services to enhance customer experience

The company takes the service concept with "achieved customers to achieve themselves", with customer satisfaction as its focus, actively fulfills the corporate mission of "allowing environmental protection exhibitions to enter each display space", and insists on providing domestic and foreign customers with high -quality, reliable and environmentally friendly display system products products And its service. In response to the personalized needs of customers, the company integrates teams such as design, technology, services, quality, procurement, etc., to provide customers with all -round service from pre -sale consultation, booth design, installation and construction to training, maintenance guidance, information exchange, regular return visits, etc. Essence And establish a mutual trust mechanism with strategic customers, conduct regular interoperability in high -level, establish close relationships with customers, and communicate in -depth to improve service quality and improve customer satisfaction.

Deepen supplier management and achieve strategic win -win results

The company adopts various ways to strengthen communication with suppliers, strive to help suppliers improve performance, exert the maximum effectiveness of the supply system, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and achieve the goal of "long -term cooperation and win -win". Through the addition of defense bribery clauses in the cooperation agreement, the suppliers are working cleanly and regulating their operations. Through the management and communication of suppliers, guide suppliers' integrity operations and focus on resource protection, etc., promote social responsibility to partners to the industrial chain, and jointly promote the coordinated development of economic, social and environmental.

Enthusiastic public welfare, gratitude to return to society

While the Lingtong Exhibition has made continuous development, it has never forgotten to return to society. The company has always combined social responsibility with its corporate culture. In 2006, the company chose an alma mater of an employee as a donation object and established Lingtong Junior High School in Qin Tuanzhuang, Gansu. Over the past few years, more than one million yuan has been invested to help Qin Tuanzhuang Lingtong Junior High School transform the school building, build a comprehensive library, add teaching equipment, etc., and establishes the interaction of Lingtong and Qin Tuanzhuang junior high school "You come and go". The mechanism continues to continue. Through several years of mutual assistance activities, the teaching conditions of Qin Tuanzhuang Lingtong Junior High School have changed qualitatively, and have their own multimedia classrooms. Since 2015, the company has also set up a "Lingtong Fund" to provide scholarships for students of Lingtong Middle School. In November 2022, the New Year Lingtong Scholarship Launch Ceremony and Parent Open Day were successfully held in Qin Tuanzhuang Lingtong Junior High School. A total of 60 students received Lingtong Scholarship, with a total of 31400.00 yuan.

Create home culture and increase employee's sense of belonging

The company has always followed the concept of "people -oriented", introduced the values of "equality, respect, and communication" into the company's management, and attaches great importance to and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees to provide employees with a good development platform. Strongly promote the work concept of "sunshine, harmony, and pleasant" within the company's scope, establish a set of standardization processes of Guanai employees, kindly treat employees, cultivate employees, and improve employees. "Employee collective tour" and other activities allow employees to have the sense of belonging of "home"; on the other hand, strive to improve various post descriptions and performance assessment systems, create a diversified development channel and long -term career development plan for employees. A series of activities such as exchanges "and" evaluating excellence "and other activities to improve the personal comprehensive quality and ability of employees. Through the establishment of the "Lingtong Outstanding Contribution Honor Award" award system, the employees who have served the Lingtong exhibition for a long time.

Conclusion: The release of this social responsibility report not only shows the results of Lingtong in fulfilling social responsibility, but also set a model for Chinese enterprises to practice social responsibility. Lingtong will further improve the company's social responsibility system, continuously improve its social responsibility, and instill this concept to the whole society. We will keep more in mind our responsibilities and mission, continue to innovate, forge ahead, and strive to make Lingtong into a well -known company that is reliable, reliable and respected, and feed the society!