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Lingtong Exhibition serves as the executive vice president unit
 Sep 14, 2023|View:1097

On September 11, the sixth meeting of the seventh council of the Jiangsu Advertising Association was held in Nanjing. The meeting reviewed and summarized the work since the fifth council of the seventh session, and deployed the key tasks of Jiangsu Advertising Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Provincial Advertising Association") in 2024. Lingtong Exhibition was invited to attend the meeting as a new member of the Provincial Broadcasting Association. President Huang Biao attended the meeting.


At the meeting site, Lingtong Exhibition System Co., Ltd. was awarded the Executive Vice President Unit Certificate.



Lingtong was awarded the "Jiangsu Province Advertising Enterprise 5A Credit Rating".


Jiangsu Advertising Association has been actively playing the role of an industry organization to promote the integrity of the advertising industry and purify the advertising market environment. At the same time, we take leading the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy of the advertising industry as the starting point, adhere to the concept of talent development leading the industry, and promote the accelerated growth of new business formats, new technologies, and new scenarios. As a new member of the Provincial Broadcasting Association family, Lingtong Exhibition will actively fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of member units, cooperate with the association's work, and exert its demonstration effect as a leading enterprise in the advertising exhibition industry. Relying on the Lingtong Base of the National Advertising Industrial Park Construction, increase the innovation and research and development of advertising and exhibition technology, accelerate the cultivation of creative talents in advertising and exhibition, and further improve the service system of the advertising and exhibition industry, so as to drive the multiplier and catalytic effect of the advertising and exhibition industry on the regional economy.