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Employee incentive meeting in May - Lingtong Exhibition Group
 Jun 26, 2023|View:1160

Hey there! So, let's talk about the recent employee incentive meeting held by Lingtong Exhibition Group in May.

employee incentive meeting

During the meeting, they took the time to recognize and reward partners and teams who have achieved excellent results. It's always important to acknowledge and celebrate success, right?

They gave out a Team Sales Champion Award to the team that went above and beyond in their sales efforts. This award recognizes their outstanding performance as a group.

Another award that was given out is the OKR key action award. This award is all about recognizing individuals or teams who have successfully achieved their objectives and key results. It's great to see that Lingtong Exhibition Group values goal-oriented actions!

Last but not least, they also presented a Personal Sales Champion Award. This award goes to an individual who has shown exceptional sales skills and consistently delivered outstanding results.

It's fantastic to see companies like Lingtong Exhibition Group acknowledging the hard work of their employees through these incentive meetings. It motivates everyone to strive for excellence and creates a positive work culture.

Keep up the great work, Lingtong Exhibition Group!