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Outdoor Pavement Sign Stand Family
 Mar 10, 2022|View:760

Time flies, it comes to March 2022. Now It’s spring season in China, which is also a good peorid for outdoor activities, including walking, jogging, and playing ball games. You can see beautiful flowers, and green trees everywhere.

We also have a saying goes that, if spring comes, how soon will be the summer? From the end of Feb, we have received more and more requests on outdoor advertising stands, including the snap frame pavement sign stand, A frame sign stand,flags etc. We also bring two totally new sign stands, which are fully designed by our engineers, and with the smaller package size.

outdoor pavement sign

With the unblock of European countries, many offline exhibtions and events are allowed to be re-open. After almost 2 years frozen peorid for exhibition industry, now we are dealing with a large demand for banner stands, including indoor&outdoor. And we estimated that the demand will keep increasing in the follwing months. But Lintel has the strong capacity to meet every customers requirement. We have the professional sales team, who can get in touch with you in 1-2hours. We have the morden production machines and professional workers, which can ensure the products quality and delivery time. We also have the large area for inventory products, which can ensure your urgent demand for our products.

Anyway, no matter when you have the request in displaying products, pls do not forget to contact with us.

Any time, any need, we will get back to you within the shortest time.