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The Epidemic of Changzhou City with Subsequent Impact In March
 Mar 20, 2022|View:711

Last week, our city(Changzhou, Jiangsu Province) got some new cases.

Actually in this month, most cities in China like Shanghai and Shenzhen with more cases in March, especially in the north of China, Jilin Province. They got more than 2000+ new cases, this is the most heavy wave after Wuhan in Jan 2020.

From 13th March to 24th March. Changzhou total has more than 200 new cases and is a little serious.

The government required all citizens stay at home and have to get NAT every day from 19th to 24th. All factories have been closed. Restaurants do not allow in-house meals.

With the effective measures of the government, the epidemic was quickly brought under control.


Good news!

Today, we have backed to work and the factory resumed production.

During last week, we received many orders from our customers but didn’t start production. That means the lead time will be affected to be longer than normal.

In addition, the aluminum material price also keeps rising which will lead to product price increased too.

If you have any purchase plans about our display stands, such as roll up stand, aluminum round tube stand, poster stand, pop up stand, lightbox and etc. Please send us your orders as soon as possible to save time and cost!