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FFP2/KN95 Mask on Discount in May!
 Apr 14, 2022|View:703

Recently, our company has discount on FFP2 mask, Here are some advantages:

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FFP2/KN95 Mask for Sale

FFP stands for “filtering face piece”. It is a European standard for mask efficiency, ranging from one, the lowest grade, to three, the highest. FFP2 masks filter at least 94% of all aerosols, including airborne viruses such as COVID-19. America’s N95 and China’s KN95 masks provide similar levels of protection. These disposable masks have several layers of different fabrics, including a polypropylene filter, made by “melt-blowing” the polymer to create miniscule, irregular fiber patterns that can trap the smallest airborne particles.

In Britain and America, officials say health-care workers should have prioritized access to FFP2 masks. FFP2 masks are in healthy supply, and as the highly transmissible Omicron variant spreads across the world, updating guidance to recommend their wider use could be one way to help reduce transmission.

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