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New EZ Modular Tension Fabric System with Patent Design
 Apr 01, 2022|View:746

The EZ tube display stand is a classic and popular products in the market which provides a perfect exhibition and advertising backdrop. It usually has 8ft, 10ft and 20ft for option. Most popular size is 10ft in the market. Usually, EZ tube display stand is sold as singular product.

Recently, our company has developed a new EZ Modular tension fabric system based on traditional EZ tube display stand.

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Here are some advantages

1. Many modular backdrops and arches with different shape and sizes for choice

2. The magnetic accessories which can combine any two parts together.

The angle can be 120°~0°~120° according to customer's requirements.

3. The self-lock feet without any tools. It is tool free in the real sense.

4. General use aluminum base

With this system, customers can combine the booth structure&size according to their requirements.

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