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8.2H-A0667 Welcome to APPP EXPO!
 Jun 20, 2023|View:1071

APPP EXPO Shanghai International Guangyin Exhibition

Lingtong Booth Number: 8.2H-A0667

On June 18, 2023, the 30th Shanghai International Guangyin Exhibition opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). As the benchmark of the advertising exhibition industry, the Lingtong Exhibition Group has come to the appointment, and brought a variety of green modular products with a variety of appearances, showing a colorful and lifelike effect display. The booth site has attracted much attention and guests are like clouds.

The exhibition opened on June 18th to the end of June 21. Welcome new and old customers around the world to visit the exhibition and exhibition group of the Lingsong Exhibition Group to visit and guide it.

Wonderful moment at the scene







Lingtong participating products

The appearance of each new product,

They are all showing the precipitation of Lingtong technology,

Each new shape display,

All will attract the focus of the industry,

this time,

We are at the appp scene

Invite you to witness together.

Lingtong builds the future with green, modular, and customized products and services, breaking the limit of traditional booth design, and achieving the effect of perfect restoration drawings, and provides new designs for our designers to provide new design. The possibility is empowering the needs of customers with multiple channels and all -round design. The strength of the entire case solution service provider allows us to achieve more possibilities for customers' exhibition design and construction.




Lingtong Team


At the Shanghai International Guangyin Exhibition, Lingtong communicated with customers, introduced green products, maintained close connections, and once again let the world feel Lingtong color. In the future, we will strive to inject endogenous motivation for the bright prospects of the advertising and exhibition industry, continue to grasp the latest market developments in the market, deeply cultivate the front line of green products research and development, and continue to explore the development of green modular development in the advertising and exhibition industry New models and new formats, actively build a green exhibition service ecosystem!